Justin Edgar

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He is a film director and visual artist working in the sphere of disability. His last two films We are the Freaks and The Marker starring John Hannah were bought by Netflix. He began his career at BBC the BBC directing Casualty and Doctors and directed his first feature film Large for Film Four aged just 26.

His second feature film Special People premiered at the 2007 TriBeCa Film Festival and went on to win a Royal Television Society diversity award. His company 104 films worked on the BAFTA nominated Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and co-produced feature documentary Notes on Blindness which was nominated for three BAFTAs including Best British Film.

He sits on the disability round table for the BFI and advocates for better representation of disabled people behind the camera. His film prints, including Special People, have been archived at the BFI as works of cultural significance and he is currently writing a book on disability in British Film for Bloomsbury. 104films.com

We Are Invisible, We Are Visible -Documentary of Gallery Interventions - 2nd July 2022

Working with a network of trusted disabled filmmakers in different parts of the UK, Justin Edgar worked to film as many of the nationwide interventions as possible on the 2nd July 2022.

In post-production, Justin collaborated with Birmingham based Ark Media. For Justin, this was where the real journey of WAIWAV began - deconstructing and reconstructing the hours of footage from filmmakers, artists and visitors into a fitting legacy.

The notion of the cut-up, or découpé is something that has almost become a cliché in Dadaist art. William Burrough’s and Antony Balch experimented with découpé in film in the 1960s most notably with The Cut-Ups (1967). Balch claimed that there was no editorial decision-making in the way the shots were assembled, but there clearly is and The Cut Ups does have a cohesion and a sense of narrative orchestration.

"What I’m hoping we end up with is less a collage, but more a new work of art created from the artists artworks." - Justin Edgar, 104 Films

Please note - This film has been marked as safe (PSE) by Visual Data Media but contains episodes of flashing images.


Aaron Williamson

‘Hiding in 3D’ | IKON, Birmingham

Alex Billingham

Fishwives Revenge | Tate St Ives

Alice Quarterman

Untitled: Why Are You Writing That Down? I Said It’s Untitled | John Hansard Gallery, Southampton

Alistair Gentry

25% (Rectification) | Tate Liverpool