Jo Munton & Stephanie Finegan

We are her future / how far have we come? | Grizedale Arts, Coniston

Looking back, looking forwards, the women of Dada pulled at the edges of the fabric of gender, sexuality and disability. To weave it anew. To be then packed away into dusty boxes of the art of the past. They were cutting edge with scissors and collage as their tools. They were outspoken with poetry and cabaret as their platforms. And as puppeteers they explored who was pulling whose strings.  

This is an ode to Emmy Hennings and Hannah Hoch. Puppeteer jo munton (Vagabondi) will be collaborating with spoken word artist Stephanie Finegan (OORYA [pronounced oo-r-ya] to represent their future and our past in conversation. But don’t think for a moment that just because one side of the debate is a silent marionette and the other is an eloquent poet, that the debate is one-sided.  From outrage to empathy to hilarity they explore how far we have and haven’t come when looking at woman’s roles in art, culture and society.

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